Lightweight, durable, efficient.

What do satellites, racecars, and your future exteriors have in common? Composite panels. They utilize stiff and strong face sheets bonded to a lightweight core, allowing for incredible toughness of the panel at nearly half the weight of a solid one.

Panel makeup

A light inner thermoplastic base core, filled with
fire-resistant material per request, is
sandwiched between layers of protective
aluminum alloy, creating a sturdy shell.
The outside is then treated with thermoplastic
fluoropolymers, highly resistant to solvents, acids
and hydrocarbons. Aluminum composite panels
can take any shape and come in any color or texture
desired by the customer.

Common traits

  • Light as a feather, tough as steel
  • Easy to install
  • Incredibly stable
  • Impact resistant
  • Fully recyclable

On the Cutting Edge

Our company has long been working with proven industry leaders, such as: Alucobond®, Reynobond®, Alpolic®, Vitrabond® and the like. Together we ensure to provide our clients the best product possible with modern technology.

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